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The most significant overall change I noticed has been, being in a state of full awareness about my options and decisions and how they gradually impact my lifestyle. I took control of my diet in a full and conscious way and managed to take a fondness for meal preparations and physical activities, above all things I now know how to prioritize my needs.

Maria Gabriela Salas (Couple – Health and Wellness Coaching)Miami – Florida

Sasha’s health coaching helped me so much! She is incredibly knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone. She changed my lifestyle for the better. I now eat healthier and I am physical active and aware of better choices for my health in my future.

Mikayla Toner (Individual Coaching)Burlington-Ontario

The most significant overall change I noticed is that I am now more grateful and very happy, which has has helped me lower my stress levels and changed my eating habits which resulted in weight loss to where I set my goals. Sasha understood my needs and goals and her approach is adapting to each persons needs.

Gustavo Santana (Individual Coaching)Oakville – Ontario
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