Hello! I’m Sasha Villoza

I am a believer that life is a circle in which at times we are at the top of the circle and sometimes we are off balance. Life is not about those perfect moments but about how we rise and challenge ourselves to continue with our journey, whichever it may be.

After a very fulfilling corporate journey, my life needed a drastic change, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well. I knew that my life needed balance and that if I continued in the same path, it would lead to illness – I needed a transformation.

In 2016 stress worsened my IBS; I developed two autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue. I was convinced that I was doing all the right things by eating balanced meals, ensuring my home was neat and organized, implementing weekly cooking charts, meal prepping and scheduling time for physical activity. I also made sure I spent time with my kids and friends – trying to be there for everyone meant I was living the so-called “perfect life”.

My passion has always been to help others, so I decided to change my life. This led me to pursue a Certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a specialization in Gut and Hormone Health, thus giving me the tools to improve my overall health, the knowledge to spot nutrition patterns, physical fitness, self-care, mindfulness and stillness, during a time when I need it the most.

After gaining the knowledge and skills required through my certification, I’m able to apply these skills such as cooking whole food-based meals, balancing my work and life time, managing my anxiety and enjoying free time with my loved ones.

Learning to let go of society’s idea of perfectionism led me to focus my attention to things that give my life more meaning. I am proud that I am now in remission of my two autoimmune disorders after having dedicated two years to healing myself inside out. Now, I am back in the corporate world, while also working on my Health Coaching business to help those with the same struggles I once faced.